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Harrys Restaurant, Exeter

  • Harrys Restaurant in exeter
  • Harrys Restaurant in exeter
  • Harrys Restaurant in exeter
  • Harrys Restaurant in exeter
  • Harrys Restaurant in exeter
  • Harrys Restaurant in exeter
  • Harrys Restaurant in exeter
  • Harrys Restaurant in Exeter
  • Harrys Restaurant in Exeter
  • Harrys Restaurant in Exeter
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Harrys Restaurant

86, Longbrook Street

Tel: 01392 202234

Nestled just one street back from Exeter's bustling shopping centre, Harry's offers a relaxing haven in which to enjoy a quiet coffee, lunch or dinner.

Located in a very distinctive old red brick winery this family run bistro has oodles of charm and has been a magnet for Exeter locals and visitors alike for over 14 years.

Samantha and the team at Harry's work hard to ensure that the ‘Harry's Ethos' of 'Fun, Friendly, Good Food, Good Value', is upheld at all times.

This ensures that the wide cross section of regular customers keep returning time and again.

So, if you are in Exeter and looking for a great family run bistro serving some of the best American and Mexican influenced food, served by laid back and friendly people, then a visit to Harry's is a must.

Further Details

In November 1993, Simon and Annette Pounds opened 86 Longbrook Street as Harry’s Restaurant.

The whole family was roped in and slaved away, successfully establishing Harry’s, before sloping off to other careers, including building, law and the Army. (So if you remember them and are in a pickle, help will be at hand!).

Sam formally took over from Mum and dad in 2004 – and Harry’s continues to go from strength to strength. The third generation has already started working in the restaurant, with Sam’s eldest daughter, Phoebe, inheriting her mother’s flair for the business. Hot on her heels comes Zoe, Tigerlily and India, all keeping the family tradition alive and kicking. First through the door at 8 am is Sam’s husband Toby, who makes the best coffee in Exeter, for the early birds (worms subject to availability).

Most famous member of staff has to be Will Young, who worked at Harry’s in his final year at Exeter University. He made pretty poor cappuccinos and forgot many a pudding, but made up for it with his trademark charm. He’s been back to see us since he got his singing job and if it all goes pear-shaped we’ll keep his job open!

Our ethic: Quality, tasty food at affordable prices; a varied menu with something for everyone and a relaxed, fun, friendly environment for staff and customers. Harry’s uses locally sourced produce wherever possible and coming from a farming background, Sam ensures that Harry’s meat comes from farms with high standards of animal welfare.

Built and run by the Pounds family and friends, Harry’s remains a truly great family enterprise and is currently celebrating 15 successful years as a unique independent restaurant.

In 2007, Sam’s ‘new baby’, ‘Harry’s Grill Bar’, opened just up the road in Northernhay Place, behind Boots. The Grill Bar retains the relaxed, lively informality, characteristic of the original Harry’s, whilst aiming at a more specialist market, as the name suggests.


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Vegetarian Menu Available Restaurant Menu

Children's Play Area:

Wheel Chair Access:
Yes to all areas of the restaurant.

Yes in the near by King William street car park or on the street at night times only. The streets around Harry\'s are for residents only during the day.

Smoking Area:



75-80 inside


Best Seats:
Any in the restaurant


Wine List:
Harry\'s has has an ecclectic wine list which should see something to suit everyones taste including some very nice English wines. All the wines on the list are availible by the glass so there is no reason not to try them all.


Harry's regularly caters for weddings, stag & Hen nights and other private parties so why not give Samantha a call to discuss your individual needs for a special occasion to remember.


Price Range:
Starters from £1.50-£5.00 Mains from £7.00-£16.00 Sweets £4.00-£8.25


Vegetarian Options:
Harry\'s menu always has several options for Vegetarians including great Pasta and Pizza or try the Spinach and Feta Filo Pie


Sample Dish:
Harry\'s is famous locally for their hand made and locally sourced pure steak burgers and their Sizzling Fajitas. But whatever you choose always leave space for the \'Harry\'s Heart Attack\' the ultimate sweet! Chocolate brownies, marshmallows, chocolate and vanilla ice cream, peanut M and M\'s, flake, whipped cream and hot chocolate fudge sauce. Two will struggle, one will need the heart and stomach of a lion!


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