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Exmouth Mussel Company, Shellfish

  • Exmouth Mussel Company
  • Exmouth Mussel Company
  • Exmouth Mussel Company
  • Exmouth Mussel Company
  • Exmouth Mussel Company
  • Exmouth Mussel Company
  • Exmouth Mussel Company
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Exmouth Mussel Company

Units 3, 4, & 5 The Pierhead Exmouth

Tel: 1395 277720

Sustainably farmed, award winning shellfish from the sparkling water of the River Exe, Devon.

Working from their base on Exmouth Docks this small innovative company has developed unique equipment to farm the fast flowing river Exe.

By doing away with dredges and using a self-fluidising elevator, the shellfish are teased from their muddy beds without impact on the stone layers beneath.

Minimal disturbance and constant re-seeding allows the high density of fish, crabs and sponges that build up on these “underwater rainforests” to be maintained.

Mussels have traditionally been sold packed in mesh bags.

Our mussels are available in 1 and 3 kilo sealed trays or in 5 or 10 kilo net bags.

We cap our bags with fresh ice in order to keep the mussels damp and cool, particularly during transit.

If a mussel dries out it will start to gape and lose condition so they must be kept cool and damp in order to protect their quality and shelflife.

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