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Fosrest Fungi Mushroom Farm, Fresh Devon Fruit and Veg

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Fosrest Fungi Mushroom Farm

Forest Fungi
Timaru Gardens
Warren Road
Dawlish Warren Dawlish

Tel: 01626 864111

The mushroom room creates a micro climate similar to the conditions that mushrooms would thrive in the wild in Asia.

This is by no means a new principle and gourmets such as shiitake have been farmed for thousands of years. Our methods simply further refine all of these years of learning.

Using our insulated grow room, humidifiers, heaters/ coolers, air circulation fans, lighting and water, we change the climate conditions within the room during the mushrooms growing life to get the best quality pure mushroom.

We use no chemicals during the growing process. Our mushrooms are grown on sawdust and rye blocks which are registered organic.

The only other components are water and the mushroom spores.

The purity and freshness that this gives our mushrooms is what makes us a truly unique grower.

Further Details

Keen to show off the grow room, Forest Fungi regularly take group bookings and talks for chef schools, children’s schools, social clubs, charities and members of the public with an interest.

If you would like more information or would like to make a booking please email scottmarshall@forestfungi.co.uk. Group bookings are limited to 20.


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